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Sandberg 480-13 Sandberg 480-14

With sweaty palms and your last grain of hope, you reach into your pocket and pick up your phone. For some reason, you think there has been a minor miracle of power going on in your pocket during the past hour, when with great difficulty you refrained from using...

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Sandberg 440-98 Sandberg 440-99 Sandberg 441-00

Three specialised chargers for your car’s 12V plug make it easy to charge your mobile devices - including those with more special charging needs. The QC charger provides full charge speed on QC3.0-compatible devices, so for example QC devices from...

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Sandberg 440-97 Sandberg 440-98 Sandberg 420-31

QC is an abbreviation for Quick Charge. If your mobile or tablet has Quick Charge, this means that is can charge quicker than normal - but only if the charger also has Quick Charge. With Quick Charge, the processor in the mobile can control the charger and thereby adjust the voltage in...

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Sandberg 420-33 Sandberg 420-34

In the wilderness, on the underground, at a sports ground or in a café; these are situations where you don't generally have the most time to charge mobile devices. If you have more than one mobile device, you should consider a Powerbank that can also charge more than one device at a time....

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Sandberg 420-32

This Powerbank is proof that it is possible to create a backup battery, which is both attractive and pocket-sized. Its elegant and cool design in stainless steel slides right into your pocket, and in this way is always ready for use when your mobile device runs out of power. State-of-the-art...

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At Sandberg, you’ll find everything you need for connecting your flatscreen to a computer, laptop, media player or similar. It’s just a matter of finding just the right adapter you need. If you know what the plugs are called See the options for adapters in the summary at the bottom and...

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Sandberg 420-31

We are well aware that this Powerbank is not exactly cheap. In return, it has some quite fantastic functions that will delight you if you have a mobile phone with Quick Charge or USB-C: Quick Charge charging of the Powerbank from 0-100% in just 3 hours Quick...

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Sandberg 631-00 Sandberg 631-10 Sandberg 631-11

Equipment for professional use in an office simply has to work.  We have therefore designed a mouse and a keyboard that are specially designed for this. The important thing about them is that they just work, day in and day out. We guarantee that they will continue to do so for at least...

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Sandberg 480-11

We let "Xtreme Systems" test Sandberg Excellence Earphones. This is what they wrote: "The Sandberg Excellence Earphones are fantastic and wipe the floor with many of their competitors that cost several times their price. They're well designed, well built and have the performance to...

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Sandberg 631-20 Sandberg 631-21

Here is the complete solution with wireless keyboard and wireless mouse for the modern office. The set comprises an ergonomic optical mouse with 5 buttons and high resolution, plus an effective low noise keyboard. All you need is one available USB plug for the very small USB dongle....

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