Link between Bluetooth and AUX

Breathing new life into the car or lounge stereo

New options now available for those of you with a stereo system in your living room! Sandberg’s new adapter makes it possible to turn the AUX input on your stereo system into a Bluetooth input. The adapter has a USB stick design, which obtains power from a universal mobile charger or similar. Once the connection has been set up, it is possible to play music wirelessly from your mobile, tablet or computer on the stereo system.

But that’s not all! The adapter gives you a some more options:

  • If your car does not already have Bluetooth, you now have the option to add this (see photo on right)

  • With a microphone in the adapter, it is easy to install ‘hands-free’ in the car

  • The small adapter supplied also means that you can turn a universal headset into a Bluetooth headset, or convert a universal set of PC speakers into Bluetooth speakers.

Αρ. είδους: 450-11
19.99 €
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