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Dear subscriber We will soon be changing the domain for sending newsletters. The new domain is sandbergmail.com . To ensure that you continue to receive news from Sandberg, we recommend that you specify sandbergmail.com as an exception in your spam and junk filters - so-called...

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Sandberg 403-99

With the Sandberg AntiCrash Cover you can protect your or your children's iPads. The cover has large, bubbled sides which have two functions: 1. Crumple zones The structure inside the shell consists of yielding strips positioned 90° to the iPad itself. This means that if the iPad is...

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Sandberg 440-61 Sandberg 440-62

Wouldn't it be cool to get photos and movies from your iPhone or iPad shown on a large screen, such as a large computer monitor or large flat screen TV in the living room? Of course! If you have an iPhone...

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Sandberg 420-06 Sandberg 420-07 Sandberg 420-08 Sandberg 420-09 Sandberg 420-10 Sandberg 420-11 Sandberg 420-12 Sandberg 420-13 Sandberg 420-14 Sandberg 420-02

If you ride a motorcycle, go on cycling holidays or travel long distances on a moped, you will be familiar with the problem. It may also affect you if you’re out sailing, hiking or horseback riding. GPS devices are a limited delight. You won’t find a USB port or cigarette lighter...

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Sandberg 700-00 Sandberg 700-01 Sandberg 700-02 Sandberg 700-03 Sandberg 700-04 Sandberg 700-05 Sandberg 700-06 Sandberg 700-07 Sandberg 700-08

If the picture of your TV is starting to get choppy or goes blank, then this is no wonder. At least not if you are using the aerial input on your TV, whether it is from your own aerial, joint aerial or cable TV. Transmitters of high speed mobile broadband are currently being established on...

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Sandberg 508-78 Sandberg 508-77 Sandberg 508-69

You do not have to buy a new computer just to get it to fit with the new screen, which only has an HDMI input. In this and many other situations you can solve the problem with Sandberg VGA and HDMI adapters. I want to connect my older computer to the big screen in the living room....

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Sandberg 402-49 Sandberg 403-29 Sandberg 402-90

Now you can take better care of the screen of your iPhone and iPad with a protective film from Sandberg. Self-adhesive and easy to apply Reduces the risk of scratches Protects against static electricity Easy to remove without leaving a trace Very inexpensive...

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Sandberg 125-70

With the Sandberg StreetBlaster you get great sound wherever you are. StreetBlaster delivers sound pressure over the whole frequency range. Everything sounds good through StreetBlaster. The large ear cups...

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Sandberg 508-71 Sandberg 508-29

Since 2008, Apple has added a Mini DP connector to its MacBook®, iMac®, Mac Pro® and Xserve® machines. In some cases the connector is also called Thunderbolt. Some laptops from Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP and Dell have also a Mini DP connector. Sandberg has made ​​3 lengths of cables that...

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Sandberg 440-35

Here's Greg. He is frustrated. He wants to transfer pictures from his SLR camera to his iPad, but doesn't know how. Then Greg heard...

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