3% ... 2% ... 1% ... Disaster!

With sweaty palms and your last grain of hope, you reach into your pocket and pick up your phone. For some reason, you think there has been a minor miracle of power going on in your pocket during the past hour, when with great difficulty you refrained from using the phone to save the last 3% of power.

But no! Only 1% left now. And yes, you know the feeling so well: Just turning on your phone and seeing how much charge is left uses up a small amount of power. You know this full well. But you can’t help it. 

And pouf ... the mobile is dead. No contact to social networks, family or the internet for the rest of the day. No chance to check your emails while taking the underground home. Or to play a game or watch a film. 

The only thing left is boredom, and a series of concerned messages from near and far await you when you get home.

But why subject yourself to it? With a Powerbank from Sandberg Excellence, it’s not an issue to have backup power with you in your pocket, bag or wallet. And we have made it impossible to forget the cable.

Item no.: 480-13
149.00 CNY
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 480-14
99.00 CNY
RRP incl. VAT