Gaming Mouse pads

Do you have a gaming mouse? Then you also need a mouse pad to match. A gaming mouse without a gaming mouse pad is like a fish without water. Like a car without a road. Like a CS clan without members.

We can't have that.

The mouse pads from Sandberg EsportsEquipment have super high quality with a 5-year warranty, and the prices are very competitive.

Sandberg simply means a lot of quality for your money.

Hard or soft?

It is a matter of taste. The hard aluminium mats provide the fastest glide and the sharpest precision, while the soft versions are more comfortable for your wrist. Both versions stand super firmly on the table.

Big or small?

The answer is: Take the largest one you have room for. There is nothing worse than a mouse running over the edge of the pad. 

Item no.: 520-29
22.99 €
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 520-31
31.99 €
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 520-32
10.99 €
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 520-26
15.99 €
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 520-27
31.99 €
RRP incl. VAT

Item no.: 520-34
44.99 €
RRP incl. VAT