Ingenious and small keyboard

Press release:

Sandberg is the architect behind a little stroke of genius intended to make life easier for those many people who need to type numbers into their computer. And actually... that is probably most of us.

Laptop owners will now be able to type in numbers via a numeric keypad, otherwise missing from most laptops.

Left-handed users will finally be able to place the numeric keypad to the left of the computer keyboard.

Users intent on an ergonomically correct working position will be able to place the wireless keypad wherever they want on the desk, e.g. at an angle to the computer keyboard.

The small keypad offers high quality and a 5 year warranty. Unless it is used an awful lot, it should last much longer, as the technology used is certified at nothing short of 3 million presses of each key.

A very small receiver for the computer USB port is included, and once this is put in, you are ready to go, no installation or pairing required.

The keyboard is already on its way to the stores. You can find the one nearest to you on our website: .

Item no.: 630-05
19.99 €
RRP incl. VAT