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Sandberg 420-25

By now, the market is not short of back-up batteries, with a couple of solar panels on their back to boost power on the go. Previous models really were only to be seen as a supplement to the normal back-up battery usage. Sandberg has turned this on its head with the new Sandberg Solar Power...

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Sandberg 460-11 Sandberg 460-12 Sandberg 460-10

"I actually use it for my mobile as well" says Martin Hollerup, Managing Director at Sandberg A/S, about the latest innovation from the company: A beautifully designed keyboard, miles removed from the office tools usually associated with the word "keyboard". The idea...

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Sandberg 630-05

Sandberg is the architect behind a little stroke of genius intended to make life easier for those many people who need to type numbers into their computer. And actually... that is probably most of us. Laptop owners will now be able to type in numbers via a numeric keypad, otherwise missing...

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Sandberg 630-04 Sandberg 630-06

Sandberg returns to the mouse market. After a couple of years with no news from Sandberg in terms of mice, the Danish accessories supplier now launches two really exciting new mouse products. "We have been doing a lot of thinking, and we have rejected several products that never made...

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Sandberg 460-20 Sandberg 460-21 Sandberg 460-22

Sandberg now introduces a remote control with full keyboard and mouse function. Technology has long since made its entry in the living room. As well as lots of television channels, we have achieved far more autonomy in our living rooms. We can watch television on demand, use streaming...

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Sandberg 420-19 Sandberg 420-20

Now there is no longer a need to have separate Powerbanks for example for your tablet and smartphone. Sandberg is launching a new Powerbank that despite its low price has two USB outputs.  One output is 1,000 mAh and can be used for smartphones, digital cameras, music player, sat navs...

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Sandberg 520-26

Sandberg is launching a special mousepad for gamers. This raises a few questions. Anders Partida Petersen, Product Manager at Sandberg A/S, provides the answers: How can a mousepad give an advantage in a computer game? "In computer games you always have to respond quickly and...

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The Danish IT accessory manufacturer Sandberg A/S is currently increasing the number of languages in all of its almost 600 products. This is a direct result of the major increase in its geographical coverage. In recent years, Sandberg A/S has had an annual export growth of approximately 80%....

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Sandberg 420-21 Sandberg 420-22 Sandberg 420-18

Danish company Sandberg has had enormous success with its outdoor portable battery for mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras etc. It is both dustproof and waterproof and fairly robust. The first version that came on the market a few months ago has a huge capacity of 10400 mAh and the option...

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Sandberg 133-79 Sandberg 133-80

Sandberg is now launching a multi-tool for hard drives. It's fast and easy to connect virtually any hard drive externally to your computer. The product can work with IDE, SATA-I and SATA-II and in sizes 2.5", 3.5" and 5.25" and capacities of up to 6TB. In the other end, you...

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