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Sandberg 440-61 Sandberg 440-62

Sandberg launches adapters that make it easier than ever to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV or a computer monitor. So you can see your pictures and movies on the big screen in the living room or on a VGA monitor. This opens up many possibilities: See your recordings in full...

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Sandberg 135-66

Sandberg set out to create a product that is able to take care of most charging needs while being elegant and not least environmentally friendly. And we did it! In comparison with traditional chargers on the market, the Sandberg Laptop AC Adapter excels in:...

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Sandberg 420-14

Sandberg is now launching a backup battery that has built-in solar cells. In essence, it is a similar product to the other  Sandberg Powerbar and Sandberg Powerbank  products: a powerful stand-alone reserve battery charging from a USB port on either a computer or 230V / car...

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Sandberg 403-78 Sandberg 440-12 Sandberg 400-32 Sandberg 403-97 Sandberg 402-91 Sandberg 402-92 Sandberg 402-10 Sandberg 420-03 Sandberg 403-95 Sandberg 403-96 Sandberg 440-13 Sandberg 402-52 Sandberg 402-65 Sandberg 404-01 Sandberg 404-02 Sandberg 470-05 Sandberg 404-20 Sandberg 404-22

Sandberg, traditionally known for quality accessories for the computer world, has gradually moved very far into the mobile market with a large range of useful accessories. This includes various forms of gadgets to place mobiles or tablets in. There are some with power, there are some very...

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Sandberg 402-49 Sandberg 403-29 Sandberg 402-90

Sandberg has three products on the market that for a very low price can reduce the risk of costly repairs for iPhones and iPads. They are strong and self-adhesive protective films which can be easily and quickly mounted on the front of the unit. The film not only shields against...

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Sandberg 700-00 Sandberg 700-01 Sandberg 700-02 Sandberg 700-03 Sandberg 700-04 Sandberg 700-05 Sandberg 700-06 Sandberg 700-07 Sandberg 700-08

Ordinary TV viewers will suddenly suffer from black screens or choppy images on their TV due to the major roll-out of the LTE mobile network. While you can rejoice in the amazing speeds on your phone or your iPad's internet connection, you will have to sit back on the couch with a lousy...

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Sandberg 508-69 Sandberg 508-77 Sandberg 508-78

"It was so annoying to go to a sales meeting with a customer with a great presentation on the laptop, and then just could not connect it to their projector." This is how Sandberg Sales Director Erling Hoff Petersen recounts how the story of VGA / HDMI adapters started. A small series of...

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Sandberg 630-10

For the third time Sandberg is launching a competitively priced desktop set - i.e. a package including both mouse and keyboard. The name is as predictable as can be: Sandberg Wireless Keyboard Set 3. The style of the new set has really been improved. The keyboard looks like something...

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Sandberg 508-70

Press release: Many consumers do not yet know that their phones can be connected directly to a flat screen and deliver video in HD quality and surround sound with up to eight channels. In 2010 Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba formed The MHL Consortium with the aim of...

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Sandberg 440-35

Press release: Sandberg's latest Camera Link products cover all iPads. The previous version has been updated to include iPad 3 and there is a new Lightning® version for iPad 4 and Mini iPad. With a Camera Link consumers can upload photos directly from digital cameras to an iPad....

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