It's a weird shape

The new powerbank from Sandberg looks like nothing you've ever seen before. Shaped like an overgrown carabiner hook, complete with a sturdy steel clamp as if it was meant for climbing or the like.

Brand Director Anders Partida Petersen from Sandberg explains: "Many powerbanks are designed according to technical or aesthetic criteria. The Carabiner Powerbank goes in a totally different direction, with a design completely focused on function. We want it to be practical to use outdoors. That's why we dropped aesthetics and adapted the technical aspects."

The coolest thing about the new powerbank and its weird shape is that it can be clipped onto a rucksack to charge a mobile phone in a trouser pocket with a cable connection. Then you don't have to choose between stuffing your mobile in the rucksack to charge, or having a bulky powerbank and phone in the same pocket.

What's more, the new battery is water- and dustproof, contains 6000 mAh of power and can charge smartphones and tablets with over 2A.

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Item no.: 420-44
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