Sandberg sells direct without actually doing so

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Sandberg has now made it possible for everyone to buy products directly from, including end users. It might at first glance seem as though Sandberg is treading on the toes of its dealers. But this is not the case. Actually Sandberg is providing an extraordinary service to its dealers with this new initiative.

Sandberg has introduced a new dealer programme for dealers with online stores under the designation "Sandberg Premium E-Tailer", or "PRET" for short. Those dealers who have entered into the agreement can have the orders transferred to them after users place their orders on the Sandberg website. The transfers take place instantaneously.

So anyone can now add products to their shopping basket at and have the products sent to their homes, though not delivered directly by Sandberg. As the orders are instantly transferred from the Sandberg website to the online store's shopping basket, there will be plenty of opportunity to order other items together with the selected Sandberg products.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Director of Business Development, explains: "Our website has over 50,000 unique visitors per month and receives over 100,000 hits per day. More than a third of these are just investigating specific products. All these users are potential product buyers. The shorter and simpler we make the transition from being interested in a product to being able to buy it, the more potential customers will become actual customers. PRET lets us simplify the process for these users and helps to ensure that they choose Sandberg ahead of any of our competitors' products."

He continues: "Decisions to buy products in our price class are typified by impulse and convenience, so PRET is perfectly aligned to the customers' needs and wishes. We have been working on the project for the last year. We are proud to be able to present such a well functioning and efficient tool that benefits consumers and dealers alike."

Asked whether the concept also introduces favouritism for some dealers at the expense of others, Erling Hoff Petersen replies: "No, definitely not. We have asked all our registered dealers if they want to be linked to the system, and there is still room for more in all the 21 countries we operate in. So the offer is open and our requirements are reasonable. Dealers without online stores will not miss out on anything, because we do not expect PRET to induce consumers who prefer to shop in a physical store to totally change their purchasing habits. Market share will be gained from Sandberg's competitors and from purchases that would otherwise never have been made."

Try out Sandberg's new direct/indirect store at

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