Flashlight with emergency functions

At a time when "real" flashlights are becoming rarer, because we're using the built-in flashlight in our mobiles, why would Sandberg want to launch a completely new flashlight?

Especially when Sandberg is best known for mobile accessories!

Read on for the explanation!

This is a very handy and high-spec flashlight with powerful LED light. It's really tough: IP68 certification ensures resistance to water and dust. It's also impact-resistant. 

Features rechargeable batteries and can be recharged with a standard mobile charger. When fully charged, it provides no less than 13 hours of unbroken illumination, or flash function for 24 hours.

The flash function means it acts as an emergency signal wherever and whenever you may need it - at sea or some other place where you need to attract attention. And that's not all it has to offer in an emergency. It has a built-in emergency hammer capable of breaking a car window, and a blade able to slice through a seat belt. 

But why is such a versatile light being sold by a mobile accessory manufacturer?

Well, it also features a built-in powerbank, to rescue a mobile with a flat battery. What's more, it's rated at no less than 10400 mAh. Way to go!

Item no.: 420-41
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