Greater precision with new gaming mouse

Sandberg releases a new, ultra-precise gaming mouse on the market: Sandberg Xterminator. The mouse features a 10,000 DPI resolution. 4 x more precision than a standard precision mouse.

You may wonder what such high precision can be used for? You may think it's aimed at professional graphic artists, technical drawers, architects etc., rather than gamers. 

The explanation lies in the exact precision being in terms of time instead of graphic resolution. No one needs a graphic mouse resolution of 10,000 DPI in which each pixel on an HD screen can be hit precisely in an area on a mouse mat of a few mm. No human hand can be so precise anyway.

But when gaming, precision is of vital importance to reaction time. The 10,000 DPI come from 10,000 electrical impulses per inch, which means that an impulse is received as soon as the mouse is moved, even when it's a hysterically small movement. That means faster reactions - and thus a greater chance of beating your opponents, who may well have a lower precision mouse and therefore a lower reaction time.

In addition to ultra-high precision, the mouse has a host of fully configurable functions, including an LED light. Software for configuration is included.

The Sandberg Xterminator Mouse is on its way to stores and webshops. Customers can go to to find their nearest dealer.

Item no.: 640-08
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