A smart way of connecting two computers


"Network" is what comes to mind for most people when they want to connect two computers, move files backwards and forwards, share drives and internet connections, etc. Sandberg has now entered the field with a completely new solution that is simple, cheap and five times faster than normal cable networks.

Simplicity radiates from the Sandberg USB to USB Share Link: There is a USB plug at each end, each of which is designed to connect to one computer. One plug is slightly larger than the other as it contains all the electronics for managing data traffic. An elegant and functional solution.

The supplied "GO! Suite" software makes it easy to move data between computers, share optical drives, make the internet connection for one computer accessible on both computers and even synchronise e-mails and data if you are using Microsoft Outlook®.

There is a great surprise when you move files backwards and forwards between the two machines. The process is EXTREMELY efficient. If both computers have USB2 ports, the transfer can take place at up to 480 Mbit/s. This is almost five times faster than standard cable networks.

The Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is also a fantastic aid when a new computer needs to be installed and you really want to transfer files from the old computer to the new one. This can now be done at top speed, without any need to mess around with complicated network settings.

The Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The product has a five-year warranty and free product support. You can find your local dealer at www.sandberg.it

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