New gadget: An ingenious combination of mouse and keypad

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It's when your mouse hand automatically moves to the right and you hit a cold desk surface that you remember your normal keyboard and mouse have been left at home on your desk. In the absence of a proper mouse you have to make do with a touchpad or a small knob between the keys for all mouse functions. Not to mention how much time you end up spending looking for numbers on the top row of the laptop's keyboard. Now Sandberg has come up with a compact and elegant device which solves both problems at once in an unconventional way.

Sandberg has succeeded in building a numeric keypad and an optical mouse into one device that cleverly fits into your bag. The Sandberg 2in1 Numeric Mouse has been launched on the market and is here to stay.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director, says: "We like unconventional solutions when they benefit the user. And that's what the 2in1 Numeric Mouse does. It's absolutely brilliant to have both a mouse and a keypad in the same device which you can pop into a pocket in your bag. I was really surprised that it was possible to create a device in which both functions work that well. It's really good as a mouse and I must say that the keypad does exactly what it's supposed to."

A small switch enables you to lock either the mouse function or the keypad function to make sure you don't accidentally enter lots of numbers when you are moving the mouse around.

The Sandberg 2in1 Numeric Mouse comes with a five-year warranty, and as with all other Sandberg products the price also includes access to our free hotline service. The mouse has a scroll wheel and the keypad has 20 keys. Despite this, the price is low enough to keep it within everyone's price range. That's Sandberg all over.

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