See why the CEO thinks it's a hiking boot

It is the season of festivals, diving trips, scout camps, camping, hiking and all sorts of other outdoor activities.

Most people who go away for several days to locations where there is no power outlet nearby, know about running out of power for their mobile phone, digital camera, GPS and so on. Such locations can be dangerous for a Powerbank due to moisture, dust, bumps, impact and a generally harsh environment. 

Therefore, Sandberg is now launching a "Survivor" Powerbank, which is resistant to all those stresses. 

CEO Martin Hollerup explains: "You don't hike for five days through the jungle in high heels, loafers or Italian leather shoes. You need hiking boots. Proper gear that is good for the hiker and at the same time can withstand the terrain. What we have made here is basically the Powerbank-equivalent to hiking boots."

Survivor Powerbank is IP67-certified, with a robust design that is enclosed in a shock-absorbing housing.

The performance is phenomenal: The capacity is 20,100 mAh, and the two USB ports can provide a total of 3.9A. The built-in LED flashlight has a range of 30 meters.

Item no.: 420-36
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