A small investment gives huge improvement

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Flat screens do. Computers do. DVD players, HDTV set-top boxes, satellite boxes and hard disk players do. Eventually everyone will use HDMI. But you can't connect the devices with just anything.

It's silly to go out and spend a month's wages on a fantastic flat screen and then have to put up with a lower resolution or a dodgy picture because you were too tight to buy a decent cable.

Sandberg has produced a range of HDMI cables to be sold under the name "LUX Line". Nothing has been skimped on with this range. The cables are thick and have extra shielding, ferrite cores protect against magnetic interference, and the connectors are gold-plated with solid cast metal jackets. THAT'S how you get top quality audio and video.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, explains: "The cables in a computer system are like the mortar in a house. Even if you buy the best bricks, windows and doors you can find, it won't be long before your house falls down if you've put it together with a poor quality mortar. It's really not worth it. When it comes to HDMI, a poor quality cable is obvious from the lower screen resolution, jumping picture or fuzzy sound it produces. In the LUX Line range we've gone all out on the cables in order to create the perfect connection. The extra cost is a drop in the ocean compared to what you're prepared to spend on the flat screen and the other devices."

You can see the overview of the HDMI LUX Line cables at www.sandberg.it, where you can also find your local dealer or buy online.

Press contact: Product Manager Anders Petersen, direct phone +45 48222285, E-mail: anders@sandberg.it

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