Mobile charger built into furniture

Built-in wireless chargers in furniture are no longer the exclusive preserve of the professionals to make.

Sandberg has launched a pack with everything you need to DIY at home. 

The pack includes a saw bit for a power drill with the precise dimensions of the mobile charger, which of course is also included in the pack. All you need is the power drill itself. Installation takes just a few minutes. Drill, insert, done.

The result is a circular charging plate recessed into your desktop, cupboard, kitchen worktop, bedside table ... or wherever you want. Simply place your mobile on the plate to start wireless charging. It even supports Fastcharge, for charging certain mobiles even faster.

Anders Partida Petersen, Brand Director at Sandberg A/S, says: "The important thing for us is that anyone can do it. As long as you have a drill (and can use it) this is easy, and it looks great. We believe that technology is going to become more and more integrated into our lives, and no one wants to see wires and bits and pieces lying around anymore."

The Sandberg Wireless Charger for Desk is already on its way to stores. You can find your nearest dealer at

Item no.: 441-16
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