Lightning fast connection of two computers

You don't need to move into complicated network setups and security settings to share internet connections and move data between two computers. The Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is a simple way of connecting two computers. And the speed is almost five times faster than with standard cable networks.

You plug the link cable into the USB ports in both computers. And you have a connection! The software supplied makes it easy to share optical drives, move data between computers, share internet connections, etc. There is also the option to synchronise data and e-mails between computers if you use Microsoft Outlook®.

This is a perfect solution if you're buying a new computer and have to transfer documents, pictures and anything else from the old computer to the new one.

It's that simple. And cheap too. Remember that you only need to buy one Sandberg USB to USB Share Link to be able to connect two computers. You won't need any more.

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