Shared charger

The new charger from Sandberg might resemble something from Star Wars. But it is only a mobile charger. Honest.

And then again... It's a mobile charger that's a little out of the ordinary. It has no less than 8 ports. Seven of them are standard USB-A ports for charging mobile devices, whilst the eighth is for USB-C devices.

This high-performance and versatile charger has a total combined output of up to 72W. 

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S, explains: "Families who want to charge all their devices in the kitchen are of course the obvious customers for this product. But it will also be fantastic to have such a charger in hotel rooms, at the office and in schools. They are an elegant and very efficient solution."

The charger has holders on the top for mobile devices to save space.

You can find further information and the location of your nearest dealer at Sandberg's website

Item no.: 441-17
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