The master of outdoor power

Sandberg launches its most advanced powerbank to date.

Many different devices have seen the light of day, but now there is a device that combines many different functions.

In the past, a high-performance solar panel and a high-performance powerbank were always items that you purchased separately. Sandberg has now created a product in which these are combined: The powerful solar panel can simply be folded out from the back of the powerbank and generate up to 6W. The powerbank can, of course, also be charged from the power outlet.

There are also several output options when it comes to charging mobile devices from the powerbank. The two regular USB ports, providing up to 2A for the telephone, digital camera or tablet, aside, it is also possible to charge your mobile wirelessly, simply by laying it on the powerbank.

As one of the Sandberg Activeseries, the powerbank is dust- and waterproof, has straps so it can be attached to a tent or rucksack, and there is, of course, also an LED flashlight built-in.

Item no.: 420-46
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