Fighting wrist injury

Sandberg has been supplying wrist supports for, among others, mice and keyboards, for many years now.

These wrist supports are important when it comes to reducing the risk of wrist injuries and discomfort in everyday life.

We are now launching two ‘Pro’ versions, aimed specifically at professional users. With these versions, the wrist supports have been combined to create a wide support, with or without a mouse mat built-in. The mats use Memory Foam instead of the silicone used as the basis for many previous products. The support is just as good, with many preferring the more temperature-neutral Memory Foam.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, says: “It is essential to avoid the kinks in the wrist that occur when working without wrist supports. As avoiding this situation is so inexpensive, wrist supports should really be mandatory at all workplaces where keyboards and mice are in use. That includes when it’s just a smaller number of hours per day as well.”

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Item no.: 520-35
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