Sandberg enters the field with a 'baby' Bluetooth

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

First there was the ultra small, high speed card reader that was extremely compatible... ...then came USB hubs the size of a matchbox, although tests conducted by the trade press showed they were explosively fast. Not to mention the compact Hard Disk Converter, which even works bidirectionally. Sandberg is now continuing the theme of baby-size devices with the latest addition to the family: the Sandberg Mini Bluetooth Dongle.

And it's unbelievably small! Very small. In fact it's just the metal part of a USB port with a small bulge on it so you are able to pull it out again. Into that tiny space Sandberg has somehow managed to squeeze the latest Bluetooth 2.0 technology, USB interfacing and even an aerial.

And it works! The speed is first rate. The devices connect without any problems at all. There's not a single thing wrong with it.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Director of Sales and Business Development, has this to say about the new trend for mini devices: "That's the way of the world. Things have to be small and handy yet still perform exceptionally. And what's even more fantastic about this device is that you can leave the adapter in the USB port all the time, even when packing the laptop into a bag. You completely forget that it's plugged in. You become accustomed to Bluetooth being an integral part of the computer, like when you want to connect to the Internet during a train journey without having to take out your mobile phone and connect the cables."

When it comes to marketing strategies, Erling Hoff Petersen says: "Unfortunately the market for Bluetooth dongles is flooded with lots of cheap products whose manufacturers may have 'forgotten' to buy the software licence or don't offer headset support. It can be difficult for the consumer to tell whether or not they're buying the real deal. Although Sandberg has both licence agreements and headset support in place, I think we've priced the device very keenly. I'm proud of that."

Asked whether we can expect more extremely small accessory gadgets from Sandberg in the future, Erling Hoff Petersen gives a cryptic response: "We'll have to see. Afterall, it's not our job to create small things just for the sake of it. If we see that consumers would benefit from a mini device, then we have something to be getting on with. And we do."

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