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Sandberg 630-82

%n% "It is the most incredible waste of time," says Hans Welform, manager of a German office-based company. He finds that employees stop in the middle of their work or take very long breaks every day. And this isn't because they don't want to work – it's just because their mouse needs...

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Sandberg 480-13 Sandberg 480-14

With sweaty palms and your last grain of hope, you reach into your pocket and pick up your phone. For some reason, you think there has been a minor miracle of power going on in your pocket during the past hour, when with great difficulty you refrained from using...

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Sandberg 440-91 Sandberg 508-95 Sandberg 508-96

Youtube, Netflix and other digital streaming services are already offering video in 4K quality, which boasts 4.3 times greater resolution than the widely-known HD 1080p. Higher resolution means sharper images, greater degree of natural effect and more detail. In short, a better...

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Sandberg 132-08

%n% Don Hanson came home, happy with the new laptop computer for which he'd been saving for a while. The old computer had been given back to the dealer. Now he sat with the new miracle in front of him, ready to show it off to his girlfriend Mary. When Mary arrived with her digital video camera...

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Sandberg 450-09

There are a couple of good reasons why we decided to call this product the “Bluetooth Buddy”.  It’s a new friend for you and your smartphone! Charge Buddy up at home and get out on the road. Buddy is there to help with: Loudspeaker that connects wirelessly to your smartphone via...

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Sandberg 440-98 Sandberg 440-99 Sandberg 441-00

Three specialised chargers for your car’s 12V plug make it easy to charge your mobile devices - including those with more special charging needs. The QC charger provides full charge speed on QC3.0-compatible devices, so for example QC devices from...

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Sandberg 440-97 Sandberg 440-98 Sandberg 420-31

QC is an abbreviation for Quick Charge. If your mobile or tablet has Quick Charge, this means that is can charge quicker than normal - but only if the charger also has Quick Charge. With Quick Charge, the processor in the mobile can control the charger and thereby adjust the voltage in...

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Sandberg 135-80

%n% It was the second day of the company's annual training weekend. Daniel sat immersed in an evaluation report, when an irritating beep from a neighbouring desk continually broke his concentration. Things did not get any better, as the demanding beeping noise was followed by a mournful sigh...

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Sandberg 420-19

Sandberg Power Bank 6000 does not have just one output like other portable batteries. No, it has two USB connectors for mobile phones, digital cameras etc. One of them is even powerful enough for tablets like the iPad. If you always have a charged PowerBank 6000 with you, you will never run...

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Sandberg 420-35

With a Powerbank in your pocket, your mobile never runs out of power, even if you are far away from your car and power outlet. You charge it from home, and then you can charge your mobile, your camera and other mobile devices anywhere. We have created a special Powerbank that can do much more...

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