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Sandberg 135-80

%n% It was the second day of the company's annual training weekend. Daniel sat immersed in an evaluation report, when an irritating beep from a neighbouring desk continually broke his concentration. Things did not get any better, as the demanding beeping noise was followed by a mournful sigh...

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Sandberg 630-81

%n%Children seem to be able to use a computer at an increasingly early age. But that doesn't mean that their hands are growing any quicker. So Sandberg is now launching a mini mouse with the same quality and performance as a normal-sized mouse. It's just a lot smaller. This makes...

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Sandberg 630-80

%n%Your next mouse should be a Sandberg Wireless Laser Mouse Pro. Then you will have a great, attractive mouse at a really good price. We have put a lot of emphasis on the details. The wireless connection is made via the USB dongle provided, which is so small that you can forget all about it...

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Sandberg 133-60

%n% The Sandberg Hard Disk Cloner is the perfect solution for when you need to copy, read and write large amounts of data quickly and easily. The cloner has two SATA slots, so you can connect two hard disks to your PC at the same time. The two SATA slots also allow you to clone the...

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Sandberg 630-50 Sandberg 630-51 Sandberg 630-52

%n% The Sandberg Mini Touchpad Keyboard combines a wireless keyboard and mouse in a single compact and handy device. The built-in, user-friendly touchpad takes on all mouse functions such as scroll and double-click. If your computer is connected to your TV, then you can sit back on...

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Sandberg 508-19 Sandberg 508-20 Sandberg 508-21 Sandberg 507-05 Sandberg 507-56

%n% If the flat-screen TV won't hang right against the wall or the computer monitor is too far forward on the table, it might be because your cables are sticking out too far. This requires an angle. Sandberg has a wide range of angle solutions for VGA, DVI, HDMI and power cables. See the...

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Sandberg 135-71

%n% Jack Hansson makes customer visits all day long. His car is his workplace. This sunny day in April was no exception. Life was beautiful! Isabella was at home – she was about to give birth to their first child. Jack was looking forward to it and was always prepared to rush home or...

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%n% We have made all our product sheets available online. Download them now by clicking the PDF link on each product page at www.sandberg.it . Remember to select the correct country in the top right-hand corner of the website before you begin. That way you will be able to view the website and...

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Sandberg 134-04

%n% If you have a TV with an HDMI input, you can connect your computer to the TV and get the cool cinema and game experiences up on the big screen. The Sandberg VGA to HDMI Converter Box can give any computer an HDMI output. Connect the box to the VGA output on the computer – the one...

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