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Sandberg 125-47

%n% If you want to listen to great sound without having to wear huge headphones you should choose Sandberg EarPhone . The buds sit discreetely in your ears. Sandberg EarPhone delivers a really great sound in comparison to the compact size. Compatible with iPods and most MP3...

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Sandberg 132-08

%n% Don Hanson came home, happy with the new laptop computer for which he'd been saving for a while. The old computer had been given back to the dealer. Now he sat with the new miracle in front of him, ready to show it off to his girlfriend Mary. When Mary arrived with her digital video camera...

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Sandberg 133-57

%n% You don't need to move into complicated network setups and security settings to share internet connections and move data between two computers. The Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is a simple way of connecting two computers. And the speed is almost five times faster than with standard cable...

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Sandberg 133-56 Sandberg 133-55

%n% Liz Devarius bought a new and more powerful computer. Now she could run Windows 7! She carefully transferred all her documents and pictures from the old computer. Then the hard disk from the old computer was low-level formatted before the computer was scrapped to ensure that no-one could...

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Sandberg 133-54

%n% Sandberg has launched a new kind of USB hub. In addition to being the usual high Sandberg quality and containing a couple of smart solutions, the hub is also available at a very attractive price. A USB hub can be regarded as a USB port splitter. The Sandberg USB Hub for Laptop is...

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Sandberg 133-58

%n% Get amazing sound on your computer! The Sound Box is an external high-end sound card, which can really give a kick to the sound on your computer. You can use standard stereo speakers, turn the centre speaker on, or move on to a true surround system with six or eight speakers. The Sound Box...

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Sandberg 130-57

%n% HDMI is here to stay. HDMI has gradually being replacing Scart, S-Video, VGA and DVI. This isn't really that remarkable as HDMI offers high digital quality for both audio and video. But it also means that most flat screens don't have enough HDMI ports. The rising number of HD set-top boxes...

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Sandberg 630-90

The Sandberg Wireless Keyboard Set is a brilliant solution combining great functionality with superb design – and not least at a very nice price! The set comprises a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Both components have an attractive black design with a comfortable rubber surface to...

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Sandberg 135-61

%n% Lisa Jones was close to tears. She had spent several months preparing for an exam in expansive economics and had set everything up on her laptop. A fantastic PowerPoint presentation was to be the centrepiece of her submission. While she was waiting for her turn, she went through the...

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%n% When the picture on your new monitor is blurry, when your new scanner doesn't work properly or when your new super fast network runs too slowly, this could be down to you having tried to save money when buying the cable. A cable isn't just a cable. We know that at Sandberg, where our many...

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