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Once a headset was a technical device that served as a tool for music enthusiasts and receptionists. Today headsets have moved completely into the lifestyle market. Danish company Sandberg has worked with headset technology for 17 years. Hundreds of thousands of headsets have been sold...

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Sandberg 420-16

Sandberg now launches a new portable battery, or 'Powerbank' as we call it - that has a great many functions assembled into one product. It has been given the name PowerPal 5000. At the outset this appears to be a simple portable battery, which we have come to know in all shapes and sizes....

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Sandberg 440-64

On PCs and laptops, we are used to just being able to connect all sorts of devices via the USB connector: mouse, keyboard, printer, USB keys, external hard drives etc. Imagine if you could do the same on your mobile. Well now you can. A new standard, OTG, already supported by many...

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"I actually use it for my mobile as well" says Martin Hollerup, Managing Director at Sandberg A/S, about the latest innovation from the company: A beautifully designed keyboard, miles removed from the office tools usually associated with the word "keyboard". The idea...

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Sandberg 520-28

Anyone who has experiencesd repetitive strain injury (RSI) knows how painful it is. Once the damage is done, it can be a lengthy ordeal to get rid of the pain again. Prevention is therefore important, and in this regard, having a correct working posture and support for your hand while working...

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Sandberg 133-57

%n% PRESS RELEASE "Network" is what comes to mind for most people when they want to connect two computers, move files backwards and forwards, share drives and internet connections, etc. Sandberg has now entered the field with a completely new solution that is simple, cheap and five times...

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Sandberg 405-82 Sandberg 405-83

Tablet owners can now quickly and easily transform their machine to something more in the direction of a laptop. Sandberg’s new Bluetooth Keyboard Case provides a good angle on the screen, a real keyboard and a protective cover for the whole thing. You end up with a computer that is suitable...

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Sandberg 133-40

P R E S S  R E L E A S E %n% Sandberg is having great success with the Sandberg NightCam 2 – a webcam which can not only film and take photos even in the dark, but also comes in an unusually attractive metal case and has a real glass, not plastic, lens. Now the NightCam 2 has a...

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Sandberg 125-98

It is seven years ago that American husband and wife Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe patented their first invention: Sleep phones, used by people with sleep problems. The basic idea has since evolved into the product RunPhones, which is the perfect headset solution for sporty people. Sandberg A/S...

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Sandberg 125-97

Sandberg has focused on great sound in its new Sandberg Sports Earphones. Product Manager Anders Petersen says: "For us it has not been enough to make very comfortable earphones that don't fall out of your ears when you burn calories. The sound must also be great. And it is! We...

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