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Sandberg 135-80

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg has launched a truly universal solution for charging all kinds of mobile devices, from MP3 players and digital cameras to mobile phones, using power sockets, car cigarette lighters or a USB connector in a computer or games console, for example. The key...

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Sandberg 630-52 Sandberg 630-50 Sandberg 630-51

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg has launched the Mini Touchpad Keyboard on the market. An exceptional keyboard designed to let you use your computer while you are sat back on the sofa. It has no cables and combines mouse and keyboard functions in one handy unit, which has a wireless range of 10...

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Sandberg 133-60

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg has launched a big square block called the "Sandberg Hard Disk Cloner". It doesn't look like something you would usually have on your computer desk and it weighs about the same as a netbook. So what kind of thing can you use this gadget for?...

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Sandberg 630-80 Sandberg 630-81

Sandberg would love to take a larger slice of the market for computer mice. It is a market with strong competition and some very dominant brands. According to Sales Director Erling Hoff Petersen, there is only one way to increase market share: "The answer is quite simple: we have to...

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Sandberg 125-26

%n% PRESS RELEASE One of Sandberg's best-selling products of all time, the Sandberg HeadSet, is now being retired after selling over 100,000 units. Its successor is not a number two, but a number one – the Sandberg HeadSet One. It is traditional virtues that have made the...

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Sandberg 125-71 Sandberg 125-72 Sandberg 125-73

%n% PRESS RELEASE Interview with Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, in connection with the launch of three new lifestyle headsets to be sold under the name Sandberg StreetGear FreshColor. Sandberg promises both lots of style and great sound quality at impressively low...

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Sandberg 133-59

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg has released a very small, tiny in fact, product onto the market. It doesn't look like anything special and it only sticks out a tiny bit from the side of the computer when plugged into the USB port. It may appear small from the outside but inside it has a...

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Sandberg 135-71

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg is now launching the PowerCan, thus increasing the convergence towards the automotive market. "IT has become more and more mobile and when you talk about mobility you can't avoid cars" the Managing Director says about the new product which can be used for pretty...

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Sandberg 134-04

%n% PRESS RELEASE Sandberg, which specialises at forming all types of standards into each other, is now launching a converter from the ordinary VGA output, which is found on practically every computer in the market, to HDMI. The latter is found in practically all flat-screen TVs. You...

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Sandberg 135-62 Sandberg 135-63 Sandberg 135-64 Sandberg 135-65

%n% PRESS RELEASE Anyone with a laptop computer knows that from time to time you may need an extra power supply– and not just if the original power supply is broken. You might want to use the laptop in the car, at work, at school or other places without needing to separate the cable...

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