230V Powersplitter, w/GND (DK) Sandberg
230V Powersplitter, w/GND (DK)

This product has been discontinued
Item no.: 507-26
EAN: 5705730507267

This 6-way power extension cable is rated at 230V AC and is earthed. All the sockets on the extension cable accept 3-pin earthed plugs. The extension cable also splits the earthing, as it requires a mains socket designed to accept 3-pin earthed plugs. The mains extension cable is equipped with a switch that enables you to switch all connected units on or off by pressing a single button. This enables you to save power instead of having the equipment on standby. Note: Only works with Danish earth connector.

  • Stik: 1 x 3-benet hanstik & 6 x 3-benet hunstik
  • Afbryder for strømbesparelse
  • Børnesikring
  • Normeret spænding: 250V AC
  • Normeret strømstyrke: 10A
  • Max. effekt: 2500W

Packaging info

  • 1 Sandberg PowerBar med 1,5 meter kabel påmonteret


Product Package
Height 17 cm
Width 39 cm
Depth 6 cm
Weight 250 g