HDMI to VGA Converter Sandberg
HDMI to VGA Converter
Price £29.99
S. R. P. ex. VAT:   £24.99

Item no.: 508-69
EAN: 5705730508691

If you have HDMI in a device you would like to connect to your monitor via the VGA input, then this adapter is the solution for you!

High picture quality.
Optional USB power supported.



Product Package
Height 1.5 cm 19.3 cm
Width 25 cm 7.7 cm
Depth 4.5 cm 1.8 cm
Weight 41 g 72 g

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I connected the adapter properly, but get no picture. What's wrong?

You can check several things to find out the details: - Check that the HDMI output is enabled on the PC (e.g. try connecting your PC directly to a TV with an HDMI cable). - In some cases PCs do not provide enough power on the HDMI port. In this case you can connect external power to the adapter's Micro USB connector. You need a Micro USB cable like item no. 440-33 and a USB power supply like item no. 440-56 (EU) or 440-77 (UK). - Try setting the screen resolution on your PC to the lowest possible. If this works you can then try higher resolutions.