Hard Disk Converter IDE<->SATA Sandberg
Hard Disk Converter IDE<->SATA

This product has been discontinued
Item no.: 135-60
EAN: 5705730135606

The Sandberg Hard Disk Converter resolves a well-known connection problem, allowing you to connect your old IDE hard disk to a SATA connector on a newer motherboard, or connect your new SATA hard disk to an IDE connector on an older motherboard. The adapter can be installed in just a few minutes, and it can be stored out of the way inside your computer, leaving your external adapter solutions free.

The Danish magazine Komputer for Alle has reviewed the Sandberg Hard Disk Converter (11 October 2008). They said:

»...The converter works very well and won't break the bank...«

Datatid in Denmark has reviewed the Sandberg Hard Disk Converter (10 September 2008). They said:

»...we like... smart little gadget...«

Alt om Data in Denmark has reviewed the Sandberg Hard Disk Converter (5 September 2008). They said:

»...saves you money...«

Nyhedsbasen.dk in Denmark has mentioned the Sandberg Hard Disk Converter (September 2008). They said:

»...revolutionises connecting to a hard disk... Sandberg's solution is brilliant in its simplicity...«

  • SATAlink SPIF223A chipset
  • Compliant with Serial ATA specification
  • Supports 3.5” IDE and SATA hard disks
  • Supports large and small 4-pin power connectors
  • Up to 150 Mbit/s transfer rate
  • Automatic Serial ATA 3.0/1.5 Gbps speed negotiation
  • Connectors: 1 x IDE, 2 x SATA, 1 x 4-pin power

Compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

Packaging info

  • 1 Sandberg Hard Disk Converter
  • 1 SATA connection cable
  • 2 Power cables
  • 1 User guide
  • 1 Warranty card


Product Package
Height 1.5 cm 22 cm
Width 5.5 cm 13 cm
Depth 5.6 cm 4.5 cm
Weight 13 g 100 g

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