PowerCan DCAC Inverter 90W Sandberg
PowerCan DCAC Inverter 90W

This product has been discontinued
Item no.: 135-71
EAN: 5705730135712

This inverter converts 12 V DC to 230 V AC and can generate up to 90 W continuously. The inverter connects to the car’s cigarette lighter and has a standard 230 V wall socket in the output. With an inverter you can use equipment which requires 230 V current and uses max. 90 W, e.g. laptops, games consoles, TVs, DVD players, ghettoblasters, etc.

TKJ.se (Sweden's largest IT blog):

»Good and smart for its function, and does a good job.«

Gourmand Gazette says:

»Ideal for DVD players, mobile charging, mini TV and other sorts of bits and bobs.«

Mobiles Leben says:

»A lowpriced and very simple inverter that converts 12 Volts to 240 Volts and fits perfectly in the can holder of the car.«

Komputer for Alle awarded PowerCan 9 out of 10 and a "We recommend" award:

»A very useful adapter providing power for your electronics on the long car trips.«

Midt-Vest Avis says:

»When unpacking PowerCan, you cannot help yourself being impressed with the simplicity.«

Nørresundby Avis says:

»Place it in the cup holder, plug in the cigarette lighter cabl and hey presto! you have mains power in the car.«

Onlinemagasinet says:

»Not least the price is powerful compared to other inverters on the market.«

PC World Denmark says:

»Doesn't take up much space and is very easy to operate.«

Dagbladet says:

»Another feature is the USB port easing the connection of various devices.«

Pelaaja magazine says:

»This fusion of a sci-fi barrel and a cola can comprises an impressive equipment, converting cigarette lighter power to a form suitable for entertainment purposes.«

Clickx Magazine says:

»It's even equipped with a USB port in order for you to charge USB-powered gadgets directly.«

Best Banking says:

»It's equipped with auto disabling for protection of the vehicle's electronics.«

UgeAvisen Tønder says:

»We tested the adapter for four weeks and were really happy about the performance.«

Ny Teknikk says:

»PowerCan provides 90W - more than adequate even for high-end laptops.«

Murmures (France) tested PowerCan and says:

»A very useful device for mobile users who do not want to live without mains power available. Campers, this device is for you!«

Nettips.dk reviewed the PowerCan and mentions:

»The equipping of PowerCan with a USB-port is a stroke of genius.«

Forbrug tested PowerCan og says:

»The design is clever and everything works as expected.«

Nordjyske papers says:

»Unpacking the PowerCan, we couldn't help but getting impressed by the simplicity.«

PC För Alla tested the PowerCan and concludes:

»Handy shape, easy to bring, wellconstructed.«

Teknik og Viden says:

»PowerCan performs 90W, which is enough for even powerful laptops.«

DinSide.no tested the PowerCan and says:

»It's rare to see such a clever solution as PowerCan really is.«

Bossman magazine tested the PowerCan and concludes:

»Really clever. I shall definitely bring a PowerCan when going on camping holiday this summer.«

Technology Weekly tested the PowerCan and says:

»Superb for providing a small TV Set in the boat with mains power, or for charging anything from PC's, drilling machines and other gear running on batteries.«

Swedish industry site ElektronikBranschen says:

»It even has a USB port for charging USB devices.«

Digitailing says:

»The PowerCan is the size of a can of soda, which is easy to place in the cup holder and connect to the cigarette lighter.«

L'essentiel (France) says:

»A truly indispensable tool for those with a mobile lifestyle.«

German site neuerdings.com says:

»Besides converting 12V til 220V, it provides 5V on a USB port, usable by a wealth of different USB devices.«

  • Max. continuous power output: 90 Watts
  • Surge 150 Watts
  • Cigarette lighter connector cable length: 600 mm
  • With USB 5V 500 mA power port
  • On/Off switch
  • Bi-colour status LED
  • Circular 2 pin AC output socket for GSTUV and DK plug
  • 66 mm in diameter to match standard beer can size

Packaging info

  • 1 PowerCan DC-AC Inverter
  • 1 User guide
  • 1 Warranty card


Product Package
Height 25.5 cm
Width 15 cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 330 g

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The overload protection is activated in my car even if I connect a device that uses less power than the maximum 90 W.

In some cars the engine must be on before you can draw full power via PowerCan. This is to avoid the car battery going flat.

The PowerCan gets very hot after a while.

It is very important that you do not cover the ventilation holes at the bottom and on the side. Although the PowerCan is designed to sit in a cup holder, there can be problems if the cup holder is closed at the bottom. If the cup holder has a closed design, the PowerCan should be positioned elsewhere in the vehicle. This is because converting electricity generates heat, which must be allowed to escape from the unit. Also make sure that the PowerCan is not covered by coats, blankets, cushions, etc.

The overload protection flashes red-green all the time when I connect a laptop with a 90 W power supply.

A power supply that provides 90 W to a computer typically takes over 100 W from the power socket. This means that the cut-off protection activates. The problem can be avoided in some cases, however, by turning on the PowerCan first before the power supply is connected. Once the green light comes on, connect the power supply.

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