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SATA Docking Station

This product has been discontinued
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Fastest hard disk connection ever! Simply insert a SATA hard disk into the Sandberg SATA Docking Station and it’s ready to use. You can hot swap between several disks at lightning speed. Backup software for Windows is included. Connect via USB or opt for e-SATA, which gives speeds up to 3 Gb per second!

British expert technical site Technical Information Zone tested the Docking Station and awarded it their Recommended award. They write:

»I really like this docking station. No drivers required. Well built. No extra fancy bits to go wrong.«

The British website XtremeComputing has reviewed the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (8 May 2009). They have given the product their Gold Award. They said:

»...What is VERY pleasing to see is the fact that Sandberg even supply a Sata to E-Sata was up and running within a matter of seconds...the E-Sata connection offers a significant boost in performance...Want easy backups to multiple drives? Then the Sandberg Hard Drive Docking Station could be just what you want...«

The Austrian website Konsument has reviewed the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (19 May 2009). They said:

»... Fast backup at an acceptable price ... a practical option for when you want to use more than one external hard disk without having to buy more cases ...«

The British website PC Utilities has reviewed the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (Issue 103, 2009). They rated it highly with a mark of 84% and also gave it the stamp of approval as an PC UTILITIES RECOMMENDED product. They said:

» simply slot in your SATA hard disk and that means you can easily hot swap between drives...Simple, clever and effective answer to the problem of swapping external hard drives...«

The British website Computer Takeaway has tested the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (6 April 2009). They said:

»...We would highly recommend the Sandberg SATA Docking Station USB+eSATA to anyone that needs a hard drive enclosure especially if you have multiple drives that you would like to access. The docking station is very simple to use and the backup software is nice and simple to use....«

The Australian website TechnoYard has reviewed the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (19 March 2009). They have given the product their Recommended Award. They said:

»"...Build quality is fantastic and we have no complaints with its performance...if flexibility is what you’re after then Sandberg’s Docking station is an ideal choice...I love the convenience of simply sliding a hard drive in and being able to directly access certainly comes with a good recommendation from us...«

The Danish website Nettips has reviewed the Sandberg SATA Docking Station (30 January 2009). They said:

»... Compared to a traditional USB hard disk it went really quickly ... easy to install...«

  • Supports all SATA 2.5” & 3.5” hard disks of any capacity
  • USB 2.0 + eSATA interface (Backup feature supported only by USB)
  • Supports SATA I+II (1.5 Gb/s + 3.0 Gb/s)
  • Supports SATA II NCQ
  • External connectors: 1 USB MiniB female, 1 eSATA female, 1 Power jack female
  • Internal connectors: SATA connectors for data and power connections
  • Power LED indicator

Compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • MacOS

Packaging info

  • 1 Sandberg SATA Docking Station
  • 1 230V power supply
  • 1 Power cable for power supply w/Euro connector
  • 1 USB connection cable (0.8 metres)
  • 1 eSATA connection cable (0.8 metres)
  • 1 eSATA for internal SATA adapter bracket
  • 1 CD with backup software for Windows
  • 1 User guide
  • 1 Warranty card


Product Package
Height 10.5 cm 18.5 cm
Width 16.5 cm 17.5 cm
Depth 11 cm 12 cm
Weight 226 g 809 g

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Why can't I use the hotswap function when the docking station is connected through eSATA?

For some types of motherboard, you need to activate hotswap in the motherboard's BIOS. It is also necessary to have AHCI activated on your PC. See the documentation for your PC to find out how this is done.

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