Connect several screens to the computer

Use Sandberg USB 3.0 video adapters if you want to connect additional monitors to your computer and see photos and videos in excellent quality.
  • Several monitors on the same computer
  • Re-commission an older monitor you have lying around
  • Connect a projector in the meeting room
  • Connect the flat screen TV in the living room
  • Only requires a USB 3.0 connector
  • With American DisplayLink chipset, the very best solution available on the market
  • Up to six adapters on the same computer at the same time (may require a good hub)
  • For both Windows and Mac
Remember to also use good quality HDMI cables. Click here to see the Sandberg range.

Item no.: 133-84
HRK 569.00
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Item no.: 133-85
HRK 569.00
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