New headset from Sandberg for e-gamers

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Sandberg is launching another great headset for the thousands of consumers who are wild about computer games. This latest addition, called the Sandberg PythonSet, provides a breathtaking sound experience and eliminates outside noise.

Computer games are played best if you are not disturbed. So the Sandberg PythonSet is equipped with good, closely fitting ear pads that provide peace and quiet around your computer game.

The PythonSet offers excellent sound reproduction both for music and sound effects. The PythonSet is also equipped with a high-quality microphone so you can keep in contact with your opponents.

Sandberg has launched the PythonSet to market at a particularly attractive price in order to gain market share in the sector. The Sandberg PythonSet is already on its way to stores now. Find your nearest dealer at

Item no.: 125-58
Kr. 5,749.00
RRP incl. VAT