USB ChatSet resolves a big problem

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

More and more people are using their computers for voice communication via MSN, IP telephony and various conference solutions. So should it really be necessary to choose between having speakers or a headset connected to the computer's audio output when you need both? The Sandberg USB ChatSet lets you have both connected at the same time.

The Sandberg USB ChatSet installs in Windows as a separate sound card when the USB connector is inserted. This lets you have your speakers constantly connected to the speaker output on your computer while also having the headset connected at the same time.

And then the really smart stuff happens. When the speakers are connected to one sound card and the headset is connected to the other sound card, you can select the output you want in the settings for each individual application. Games, Media Player®, etc. then always use the speakers, while telephony applications such as Skype® consistently use the headset. No more changing cables.

The Sandberg USB ChatSet is also an elegant device with pure sound and a good microphone that captures speech clearly and distinctly to give you the best possible conditions for conversation.

In line with the rest of Sandberg's quickly growing range of headsets, the price is very low. Don't let this fool you: the quality is good and is underlined by a full five-year warranty.

Item no.: 125-61
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