USB Mini Blu-Ray Burner Sandberg
USB Mini Blu-Ray Burner
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This product has been discontinued
Item no.: 133-77
EAN: 5705730133770

The Sandberg USB Mini Blu-Ray Burner enables you to burn and read CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. The drive is powered from your computer’s USB port so that you can use it on the go without having to locate a power point. Also works well as a mobile DVD and Blu-Ray player for your laptop.

Insomnia says:

»Recording as well as playback during our test, were completely flawless.«

Reviews Insider says:

»A grat addition. Sleek design and all possible media options available.«

Invision Community says:

»A sleek designed player, very light and well designed. A good looking piece of equipment, does what it states on the box.« says:

»Exellent product - No issues with the playback or recording. Good build quality and comes with a 5 year warranty.«

ByTheWay says:

»The ultra-thin design and LEDs look fantastic, and the unit reads and writes everything from a simple CD-R to BD-R data quickly and reliably.« says:

»The installation went completely troublefree and easy, and we do really highly recommend this versatile drive!«

Actualidad Hardware says:

»Our test results could not be any better. This is a quality product.« says:

»We are excited! You should definitely choose this device.«

Leuke Suggesties says:

»Excellent value for money.« says:

»For its ease of use, mobility and generally performance, the Sandberg USB Mini Blu-Ray Burner is worth considering.«

BT says:

»While other brands of external burners produced write errors, the Sandberg device worked completely flawless.«

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Connectors: 1 USB B female, 1 power jack female
  • LED light indicating power & read activity
  • Writes single & double layer discs
  • Write speeds:
  • - CD-R at 24 x speed
  • - CD-RW at 16 x speed
  • - DVD-R at 8 x speed
  • - DVD-RW at 6 x speed
  • - BD-R/RE at 6 x speed
  • Read speeds:
  • - CD-R/RW/ROM at 24 x speed
  • - DVD-R/RW/ROM at 8 x speed
  • - BD-R/RE at 6 x speed

Compatible with:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • MacOS

Packaging info

  • 1 Sandberg USB Mini Blu-Ray Burner
  • 1 USB data transfer cable
  • 1 USB power cable
  • 1 User guide


Product Package
Height 1.88 cm 18 cm
Width 13.5 cm 15 cm
Depth 13.8 cm 2.5 cm
Weight 315 g 405 g

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I can't play movies, why?

The playback software may not be part of your OS and therefore, it has to be installed separately. There is a huge selection on the Internet. For instance, you can perform this Google search: "Blu-Ray player software".

What can I use to play my movies?

There is a lot of media player software on-line. We can recommend the free player VLC Media Player.