Now you can charge your laptop in your car

Press release:

Haven't most people had a charger for their phone dangling from the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket? But what about a laptop? It can also run out of power, of course.

Sandberg is therefore launching an ingenious solution that makes it possible to charge the laptop with power from the car. In addition to the charger itself - which can withstand even powerful laptops with 90W of power - there is a whole collection of adapters in the package.

Product Manager Anders Petersen explains: "It's a little easier with mobiles. They have either a micro USB or Apple connector. When it comes to laptops, each manufacturer has its own system. In order to make it easier for both dealers and consumers, we have created a kit that can be adapted to almost any laptop on the market. So there is no need for 10 different chargers in the store."

You just take the adapter that fits your laptop and put it onto the cable from the charger. Thus you have a charger that fits your computer. You can take it into your car and plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. Now you are ready to charge the laptop while driving.

You can find a list of compatible laptops on this link. The list is updated regularly.

Item no.: 135-68
14.99 KWD
RRP incl. VAT