Backup power in your wallet

Press release:

Sandberg has gone completely against the flow with the new Credit Card Power Bank. While the rest of the market is struggling to give their backup batteries the most enormous backup capacity possible, Sandberg has made ​​a small, lightweight case which slips into the pocket like a credit card.

With a capacity of 850 mAh this is not a Powerbank to take on a 5-day music festival or a trekking trip in Alaska. But for all of us who have stood with a drained mobile on the bus on the way home, during a boring concert or when trying to film a football match, it will be more than enough to give your phone an extra 50%. It's enough to get you home or to your car charger.

There is even a small charging cable (Micro USB) built into the Powerbank, so you don't need to have it lying loose in your pocket.

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Item no.: 420-17
9.99 KWD
RRP incl. VAT