Ehhhhh .... really??

This is a press release about a mobile charger!!!

And you might be thinking: "Ehhhhh .... really?".

We know that a mobile charger seems like a very mundane item that you don’t give much attention. It just sits in the power socket and performs a function: provides power to your mobile, your camera, your iPad etc.

Nevertheless, we are taking the opportunity to send you a press release about our new Excellence mobile charger. Because, whether we like it or not, a mobile charger is one of the technical devices we use most in our everyday life.

When a company decides to invest a little extra time and effort designing an especially attractive version, then perhaps it is still worth taking it seriously? 

The Sandberg Excellence Charger is a stylish device with a soft-coated surface. You can switch between different connectors to fit most electrical outlets around the world. There are two USB charging points, both providing 2.4A - enough to charge iPads at the fastest possible rate on both connectors simultaneously. Safety and durability are top-quality, and thus we also hope to protect the environment by supplying a charger that can survive many replacements of mobile equipment.

It seems that this is actually very cool to talk about, even if it's just a mobile charger.

Item no.: 480-05
349.00 NAD
RRP incl. VAT