If you don't have anything to contribute, then don't

Press release:

Sandberg is launching a new camera as we speak. A so-called ActionCam, i.e. a camera that, for example, can sit on the helmet and record a wild off-road trip on a BMX bike, which subsequently can be shared on social media or wherever you feel like.

But is this not a little surprising to see from Sandberg? They have, after all, not put a camera on the market since 2009. We asked Brand Director, Anders Partida Petersen, specifically about this. He replied:
"The way I see it, if you don't have anything to contribute, then don't. In the eight-year hiatus, a lot has happened in the field of camera technology, and we have come to the right point in time, where there are very good reasons for choosing a camera from Sandberg. A point in time where we feel, we truly belong on the market."

But what is so special about Sandberg's new camera compared to all the others on the market?
Petersen: "We have made a rather delicious cocktail of facilities in the camera, which we combine with high quality, simplicity of use, a 5-year warranty and a very competitive price. Simply the best choice for most consumers."

The cocktail of facilities - what does it consist of?
Petersen: "I can name smooth recording in UHD, photo-recording with 16 Megapixels, 170° wide-angle optics, built-in Wi-Fi, opportunity for App-control of the camera, CMOS technology, waterproof, webcam mode, rechargeable battery and much more."

And how do you get such a camera to stay, for example, on the bicycle helmet?
Petersen: "A huge equipment package is included, where there are brackets for almost everything, from clothes and handlebars to helmets, selfie sticks and tripods. A car charger, cables, cleaning cloth and lots of other things are also included."

It really sounds like the eight-year wait has been worth it. The new ActionCam is included in Sandberg's ACTIVE series, which consists of products for sports and outdoor activities.

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