New all-round friend

Press release:

Sandberg has launched a new multi-product able to help you and your smartphone in a whole range of ways when away from home. Sandberg calls the product “Bluetooth Buddy” – or simply “Buddy”.

It’s basically a rechargeable loudspeaker with an unusually powerful battery of 3000 mAh. That’s why we’ve included a USB outlet, so that the speaker can be used as a Powerbank, providing a mobile or sports watch with a little extra current if you’re out hiking for instance.

And if you want to take a great selfie along the way, simply put your mobile on a handy rock and pose with your Buddy in your hand. Press the trigger on your Buddy, which will remotely control the camera on your mobile.

Audio connection to Buddy can be wireless via Bluetooth, but there is also an earphone socket and a cable in the pack for hardwire connection if preferred.

Buddy can also be used to adjust volume and switch track without taking your mobile out of your pocket. There’s even a microphone and answer button built in, to take telephone calls direct via Buddy.

If things are just going so well that you forget to get home before dark, Buddy has the solution: an LED torch.

Craftsmen, festivalgoers, hikers, picnickers and sunbathers will love Buddy.

Sandberg Bluetooth Buddy will soon be on the way to dealers. Find your nearest at

Item no.: 450-09
SAR 129.00
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