Compact Wifi adapter impresses

If the wireless network connection is not so powerful, or perhaps the computer doesn’t have an option for connecting to Wifi, the new Wifi Dongle from Sandberg can solve the problem.

This is an incredibly powerful dongle! It supports simultaneous Dual-Band connection, which can theoretically result in speeds of up to 650 Mbit/s. It naturally requires that the Wifi router can handle the same type of connection and that the computer has a USB 3 port available for the dongle.

Sandberg has managed to fit a USB interface, two network cards and a Wifi antenna into the same, relatively small dongle.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S, explains: ”This is a fantastic solution, which is nice to look at, powerful and easy to install. The most likely opposition we will meet is the confidence that so small a product can actually deliver so much. But it really can and people will discover this soon enough.”

The Micro Wifi Dongle 650 Mbit/s from Sandberg A/S can be purchased both in stores and online. The nearest dealer can be found at .

Item no.: 133-91
USD 36.99
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