Mouse pad for any gamer

There are three different mouse pads in Sandberg's EsportsEquipment range so that you can find the right one for your style of play:

For small movements and great precision:

The hard aluminium surface is coated with a precision pattern on the top side for perfect and precise reading of even the slightest movement. The underside is coated with non-slip material. With a surface area of 320x270 mm, the surface is larger than most other aluminium surfaces on the market, which prevents you from easily moving over the edge.

When an ordinary mouse pad is too amateurish:

Gamer Mousepad is a further development of the well-known, soft mouse pad. We have improved the quality with a stronger and more flexible material, the edges are sewn for better durability, and the weight has been increased so that it stays in position better. The underside is slip-resistant and the top side ensures precision. In addition, it is gigantic: 45 x 40 cm!

If it has to be big, let it be gigantic:

Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is completely in a class of its own. It has the same qualities as Gamer Mousepad, just magnified to 225%, so that it lies below both the keyboard and the mouse. Everything stays in position much better, and a lot of the noise from mechanical keyboards can be absorbed. If you have room for it and are serious about your gaming, the Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is a completely ingenious solution.

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