Granted: It looks pretty cool!

Press release:

I understand all the fuss about precision surface, high-speed pattern, coating, aluminium and so on. It has something to do with how such a mouse pad works. It is the perfect companion to the mouse, so that you get good reactions in the games.

But I was somewhat surprised to find that there was a RGB LED light in the mouse pad. What nonsense! There is even a separate USB cable, which needs power for the light in the pad to work. This means that you have to use a USB port on your computer or connect a mobile charger to get the light working in the mouse pad. Who has time for that?

Well, I had to try it. After making sure that no one else could see me (I don’t want anyone thinking that I spend my time doing unimportant things), I connected the USB plug to power. And voila! There was light in the mouse pad. 

To my great surprise it looked really awesome. Or maybe even cool. It's actually really cool. I put my Eliminator mouse from Sandberg EsportsEquipment on the pad, and the light show was complete. The soft touch button that controls the light effects is even cooler.

In fact, I walked over and turned off the lights and rolled down the blinds. And admired the sight.

Granted: It looks pretty cool!

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