Multi charger for environmental friendliness and fire safety

Press release:

The new 4in1 charger from Sandberg can replace four loose chargers, extension leads and travel adapters. Sooner or later every household will have at least one.

It's not just smart. It's also environmentally friendly and good news for fire safety.

The number of mobile devices is increasing exponentially in every home. Mobile phones, music players, tablets, cameras, speakers etc. 

When the number of units to be charged increases, that's when you start tripping over a multitude of extension leads, cables and adapters out of every socket in the home.

And this is not a good thing! Each charger has a standby consumption that impacts on the environment. Additionally, each set of connectors, extenders and splitters can produce sparks, which at worst can lead to fire.

The new product from Sandberg has enough power and sockets to charge four devices at once. Two of them can even be used for power-intensive devices, such as iPads.

As an added benefit, there are two 230V adapters in the package, so you can use the charger when travelling abroad.

In addition, one charger looks much nicer and more orderly than an extension lead with four separate chargers in.

Sandberg has launched the new multi-charger at a very attractive price, so everyone can get started.

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Item no.: 440-87
ZAR 499.00
RRP incl. VAT