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Sandberg 133-64

The Sandberg USB Share Link PC-MAC allows you to easily transfer files between a Windows PC and a MAC. The Go! Suite program is located on a chip in the USB connector itself and starts automatically so that you can...

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Sandberg 508-69 Sandberg 508-77

These days many computers come with an HDMI port for the monitor instead of the previously very common VGA port. We don’t think this is reason enough for you to have to go out and buy a new monitor. And that’s why we have come up with an adapter that can convert the HDMI port on a computer...

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Sandberg 460-03 Sandberg 460-00 Sandberg 460-01 Sandberg 460-02

(Model picture & copy; Gordon Swanson) "In the past it was simply impossible to combine teaching and planning. I just went downhill in terms of productivity and service. Or I froze my hands off." This is how...

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Sandberg 508-68

Sandberg has developed an HDMI cable with a flexible connector at each end. Which means that the TV can be hung or placed flush with the wall.

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Sandberg 450-03

Up to now it had been a perfect day. Mark was enjoying the smell of freshly-baked bread as he sat in his kitchen with today’s newspaper and a cup of coffee, singing along to Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn't Kill You Makes You...

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Sandberg 440-22

Let’s just admit something right away: Our homes would be a lot tidier without the growing amount of chargers for all manner of things and the cable chaos that ensues as a result. But we can’t avoid any of...

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Sandberg 420-04

“It might sound like madness” admits Jim Olsson and continues: “But actually, I have been given a new lease of life. I do everything on my iPhone 4S: Internet, e-mail, texting, games, messages, Facebook, MSN, GPS and so on. I recharge it every night while I'm sleeping.” Jim...

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Sandberg 508-67

With this clever adapter you can plug a mobile headset into your computer. Headsets for mobile phones usually only have one connector, which is used for both playback and microphone. Most computers on the other hand, have separate sockets for playback and microphone. So many people find they...

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Sandberg 133-74

With this box connected to your computer, you can simply insert hard disks and read and write to them, just as if you had taken your computer apart and installed them inside. But that’s not all! Cloning...

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Sandberg 508-62 Sandberg 508-63 Sandberg 508-64 Sandberg 508-65 Sandberg 508-66

Demands on sound and image quality have rocketed in recent years. As a result, the market is flooded with a number of different standards for connecting screens to computers. Among the new and very powerful standards are Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort. All three can transmit...

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