Powerful solar panel from Sandberg

A totally new solar panel from Sandberg is on its way to the shops. 

It consists of two connected panels that can be folded together into a large wallet - yet still only be 1.2 cm thick when closed. Really easy to carry about. 

When the panel is folded out, simply hang it in the sun on your rucksack or a festival tent for example. Or just lay it on the ground beside your picnic blanket. There are two USB jacks that can charge two mobile devices at the same time. A roomy pocket on the back has room for two devices - a mobile and a powerbank for example.

The entire product is of water-repellent materials, but it is not designed to be submersed in water.

Martin Hollerup, CEO of Sandberg A/S, says: "Naturally, we're thinking green, but I think anyone will choose this new solar panel because of its comfort. Given plenty of light on the panels, charging is really fast - regardless of where you are. Let's face it, there's more sun than there are electrical sockets."

For more details on the product and where to buy it, go to www.sandberg.it.

Tételszám: 420-40
82.99 €
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