Camera Link to all iPads

Press release:

Sandberg's latest Camera Link products cover all iPads. The previous version has been updated to include iPad 3 and there is a new Lightning® version for iPad 4 and Mini iPad.

With a Camera Link consumers can upload photos directly from digital cameras to an iPad.

Martin Hollerup, director at Sandberg A/S, explains: "Most iPads have a very good camera. But they can never measure up to real SLRs and other better quality cameras. Now, if you have a really good digital camera, why not connect it, so you can use the good images for all applications on the iPad, for example Facebook, email, image editing, publishing, art layout etc. It provides plenty of opportunities."

You can insert the SD memory card directly into Camera Link. If you have other types of card, Camera Link can be combined with ordinary card readers, and of course Sandberg has a few suggestions here for card readers that can read virtually anything. You can also usually just connect your digital camera directly to the Camera Link with a standard USB cable.

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