Powerbank for laptop

Press release:

The market is virtually being flooded with every imaginable form of Powerbanks for mobile phones and tablets.

But what about for laptops? A laptop is definitely capable of running out of power too.

This is why Sandberg now launches an extra powerful Powerbank, capable of charging a laptop. It provides a massive 20,000 mAh, enough for an additional 6 hours running time for many laptops.

Included with the Powerbank is a range of adapters, allowing connection to virtually every laptop on the market. In addition, it will charge USB units, such as mobile phone, tablet or digital camera.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director at Sandberg A/S, says: "We are proud of the new Powerbank, it is the most powerful we have ever launched. We have given the technology a lot of attention, and power is provided steadily and fast enough to run a laptop. We have also built a powerful 230 V charger into the Powerbank, allowing it to be plugged into a wall socket and charged overnight, despite its huge capacity. The new Powerbank, unsurprisingly, has become a permanent feature in my laptop bag. So great to know that running out of power in the airport, when with a customer, or anywhere, is a thing of the past. A product like this has the potential to change the way we use our laptops, it gives us greater freedom of movement, less stress, and fewer things to be annoyed with."

The Sandberg Powerbank 20000 for Laptops is already on its way to stores now. You can find your nearest dealer at www.sandberg.it.

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