Sandberg converts HDMI to VGA


It’s almost as if Sandberg is insisting on being able to convert all standards to each other. Not only have lots of adapters for DisplayPort recently been launched on the market, but Sandberg has now also come up with a compact adapter that converts an HDMI port to a VGA port.

But what it can be used for?

Imagine that you have a really good monitor and a computer that is on the verge of giving up the ghost. You decide to replace the computer and keep the monitor. Hang on a minute though! All of a sudden the devices no longer fit together because the familiar VGA port is missing. Instead the computer is now equipped with the ubiquitous HDMI port.

For a very low price you can get a Sandberg adapter, meaning there’s no need to invest in a new monitor. Simply insert the adapter into the HDMI port in the computer and you can now connect the normal VGA cable to the back of the adapter.

Is it really that easy?

It’s actually quite complicated converting the digital HDMI signal to analogue VGA. Sandberg has squeezed a lot of electronics into the otherwise fairly compact adapter. And that means it needs power. So the adapter won’t work on devices such as DVD players. But Sandberg has revealed that in a few months’ time there will also be a version that can use an external power source. When that time comes, the combination of a DVD player with a VGA monitor will also be a possibility.

What about DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, DVI, etc.?

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