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Sandberg 508-70

Press release: Many consumers do not yet know that their phones can be connected directly to a flat screen and deliver video in HD quality and surround sound with up to eight channels. In 2010 Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba formed The MHL Consortium with the aim of...

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Sandberg 440-35

Press release: Sandberg's latest Camera Link products cover all iPads. The previous version has been updated to include iPad 3 and there is a new Lightning® version for iPad 4 and Mini iPad. With a Camera Link consumers can upload photos directly from digital cameras to an iPad....

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Sandberg 630-00 Sandberg 630-01 Sandberg 630-02 Sandberg 630-03

Press release: When Sandberg was about to launch a new line of mice, it decided to ask on its Facebook page which colours are the nicest. And the results were surprising. "It's the ordinary consumers who primarily use our products - including those we can meet on Facebook"...

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At the beginning of October Sandberg introduced a series of covers for both Apple and Samsung products. One week after launch many of the items were sold out, both by Sandberg and by the distributors. Now that stock levels are more stable, it is hoped that demand can be met in future....

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Sandberg 460-03 Sandberg 460-00 Sandberg 460-01 Sandberg 460-02

The temperature drops and the cold chills you to the bone. Your collar is pulled up around your ears, you can see your breath and you instinctively hug yourself to keep warm. Suddenly it happens! An email arrives on your phone and requires an immediate response. You quickly take your gloves...

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Sandberg 508-69

It’s almost as if Sandberg is insisting on being able to convert all standards to each other. Not only have lots of adapters for DisplayPort recently been launched on the market, but Sandberg has now also come up with a compact adapter that converts an HDMI port to a VGA port. Imagine that...

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Sandberg 450-03

P R E S S   R E L E A S E Sandberg has created a really ingenious gadget for iPhone speakers but has had some trouble finding a name for it. The tiny unit enables you to use the speakers wirelessly, as...

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Sandberg 440-22 Sandberg 440-23 Sandberg 440-24

Everyone is acquiring more and more mobile devices that require charging, typically every single day. Chargers are starting to occupy every other socket, or are lined up in bulky and ugly 4-way extension leads....

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Sandberg 125-18

P R E S S   R E L E A S E While the premium brand war on the subwoofer market rages at around the USD 40-50 mark, Sandberg has chosen to undercut the rest with a true 2.1 subwoofer system for USD 25. Taking the fight to unbranded products and private labels. What this...

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Sandberg 508-62 Sandberg 508-63 Sandberg 508-64 Sandberg 508-65 Sandberg 508-66

P R E S S   R E L E A S E A new range of cables and adapters enables you to connect devices – such as a computer and a screen – to one another if they have a Mini DisplayPort or a DisplayPort. This also includes the ultra-powerful Thunderbolt output, which can be found on the...

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